Client Money Protection Policy

JMC Surveyors & Property Consultants Limited is committed to adherence in full to the RICS rules on client money protection. JMC Surveyors & Property Consultants Limited is therefore registered as an RICS scheme member. The two main aims of the scheme are:
  1. To allow RICS Registered Firms to offer client money protection in accordance with the Rules.
  2. To compensate Clients of an RICS Registered Firm for the losses of its Clients resulting from of the RICS Registered Firm failing to account for Client Money to the person entitled to it in accordance with the Rules.
 These following key elements of the scheme are in place within JMC Surveyors & Property Consultants Limited.
  1. All client money is held in separate designated accounts, the details of which are disclosed to clients, confirmed in writing to the bank, and fully recorded in the Company’s accounting records.
  2. Adequate professional indemnity insurance is maintained to cover any loss of client funds through fraud or other event, and the Company commits to make any such loss good in full to the client.
  3. No fees or charges are applied to funds held in client accounts.
 Please address any further queries you may have to the company’s finance director at